Monday, March 21, 2005

Two Years Of Death And Destruction In Iraq

By way of Gary Younge of the Guardian, two quotes I wish I had made:

"If our guys want to poke somebody in the chest to get the name of a bomb maker so they can save the lives of Americans, I'm for it," said Republican senator Jim Talent at a recent hearing on torture. How about ramming someone who does not have the name of a bomb maker in the anus with a truncheon, Mr Talent. Are you for that too?


"US troop withdrawal," said Bush last week, "would be done depending upon the ability of Iraqis to defend themselves." They are already defending themselves Mr Bush - from you.

My nation, America, has condoned the use of torture, napalm, cluster bombs, and other assorted depleted-uranium projectiles against hapless Iraqi civilians—and for what?

Dante had the right idea. If there was truly such a thing as justice in this flawed world then George W. Bush and his lying band would have to suffer and re-suffer the same fate as each dead, tortured, and maimed Iraqi innocent in perpetuity.

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