Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Consider George W. Bush’s New Budget

Here’s something to think about. Why should running a country, with all of its costs, be any different than how one runs the smallest social unit… the family? Just think of all the decisions made at the federal government level that would be an anathema at the family level. Who in their right mind would cut the food one child gets to overfeed another? Who would allow one child healthcare and withhold it from a different child? Who would give one child basic education and deny it to another? Who would allow one child to have expensive toys when another child has few or none? No one who cares in the least for their family would be this morally debased, and yet that’s exactly what our present government does to us every day.

Of course, there are limits to what any government can do for each of us, but just as the mark of a good family is in how well they function and increase the welfare of all of their members, the mark of a good government should be reflected in its attempt at equity of distribution and in the increased welfare of all of its citizens. Just consider George W. Bush’s new budget. A government that does anything less is morally bankrupt.

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